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Abdelrahman Mahdy

Associate – Dispute Resolution





Mr. Abdelrahman Mahdy is a distinguished lawyer with a primary focus on arbitration. With extensive experience as a counsel in arbitration disputes, he has actively participated in cases before reputable institutions such as CRCICA, ICC, Swiss Arbitration Centre, and GAFTA.

Abdelrahman is not only a practitioner but also an academic. He authored a notable mémoire, "Une Réflexion sur l'Arbitrabilité et le Sort desdits Inarbitrables," and is pursuing a Ph.D. in comparative civil law at the Ecole Doctoral de Droit de la Sorbonne “La mise à disposition temporaire de créances”.

His expertise encompasses arbitration award enforcement and annulments, spanning multiple jurisdictions, including Egypt, France, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to arbitration, he provides invaluable legal counsel to multinational corporations, French, Egyptian, and Emirati companies, offering insights into various legal issues such as corporate governance, contract drafting, transactions, dispute management and resolution, and international trade.

Abdelrahman's dedication to legal education is reflected in his teaching roles at institutions like the British University of Egypt and the International Business Law Institute. He has also published scholarly articles, including one in the Journal of Law and Emerging Technology (JOLET) titled "Digital Transformation and Due Process in Alternative Dispute Resolution.", and co-authored a commentary on a significant Cairo Appeal Court decision, which was featured in the International Arbitration Review. His contributions to the legal field make him a respected figure in the world of arbitration and corporate law.

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