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Where Professionalism, Efficiency & Ethics are met.

Badran Law Firm was established by the late Professor Dr. Mohamed Badran in 1995 with a focus on and specialization in Dispute Resolution (Litigation & Arbitration), later becoming a market leader and pioneer in the field.

In 2021 Badran Law Firm added to its provided services of Litigation and Arbitration other services in the field of Corporate Law, in order to provide our clients with a broader set of services tailored to meet their needs. We work closely with our clients to find effective solutions to their most pressing business problems.

Badran Law Firm is one of the eminent law firms in Egypt. Our Firm is comprised of a professional team of more than 15 specialized advocates able to deliver high quality legal advice on Arbitration, Litigation, Construction law, Employment and Government contracts as well as Commercial, Corporate/mergers and acquisitions and labor laws. In the context of dispute resolution, we are one of the market leaders in Arbitration practice both as arbitrators & attorneys, in addition to representing our clients before  the Egyptian Courts.

Our multi-lingual team provide a high degree of responsiveness while at the same time providing practical solution to complex problems, all while remaining focused and aware of the business aspects that affect and concern our clients. The range of our experience, spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines, has been integral to our success in managing projects and disputes across a whole range of sectors.

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